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One Personality Dominates

54% of complex sales revenue comes from a single sales style.

CEB (Gartner) discovered this. They studied 6,000 sales reps from across 90 different companies.

And they found 20% of the sales reps drove 54% of revenue for complex sales. And they called them “The Challengers.”

But bad news for one sales style. The Relationship Builders only delivered 4% of complex sales revenue. (Even though they were also 20% of the sales personalities). 

The good news is your style isn’t burned into your DNA. You can adapt and be part of the 20% that drives 54% of complex sales revenue.

Challengers Have Three Common Traits

  1. They TEACH – The prospect learns something new. But not about the sales rep’s product or service. Something different.
  2. They TAILOR – The sales rep speaks to the unique needs of each unique persona.
  3. They TAKE CONTROL – The sales rep leads the customer, as opposed to the customer leading the sales conversation.

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Challengers win because they teach. They deliver "ah-ha" moments. Challengers' customers are better at their job because they work with the Challenger. 

The 6-Stage Teaching Pitch is the tool of Challengers. 

  1. The Hook - Start with your prospect's BIG IDEA. 
  2. Reframe - Show your prospect a view of their world they've never seen. It must deliver an "ah-ha" moment.
  3. Rational Drowning - The facts, figures, and data that speak to the perils of the status quo. This speaks to the "left brain."
  4. Emotional Impact - The personal and emotional cost of maintaining the status quo. This speaks to the "right brain."
  5. A New Way - A better way that leads to their BIG IDEA goals. 
  6. Implementation - How YOU will make their life better. This is the first time you talk about yourself. 

This 10-day course takes you step-by-step through the process of building your own 6-Stage Teaching Pitch.

6-Stage Teaching Pitch Course: $497

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What happens when someone calls your name in a crowd? It's the same thing that happens when you call out your ideal customer.

Personas are the tools that give you the words to call out your ideal customer. It sharpens your message. And it drives sales.

This 10-day course takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying your Ideal Customer Personas:

  • Their goals, values, challenges, and pain points.
  • Their objections.
  • The transformation your product or service brings to their life.

Discover Your Ideal Customer Persona Course: $997

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Take Control

The Challenger leads the sales conversation - not the prospect. One of the best tools is a First-Time Offer.

The First-Time Offer (FTO) is a battering ram because it quickly and effectively knocks down objections and hesitation.

But it's friendly because it adds so much value, you'd offer it to your best friend.

In fact, if you wouldn't send your best friend through your sales funnel, you've got a broken funnel. Fix it with a First-Time Offer.

This 10-day course takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying First-Time Offers for your business.

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