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Your Website Can be Working Harder for You

But 8 Common Mistakes May be Holding You Back

You know your website should be generating more leads and sales. But you're not sure what to do. The answer isn't more traffic (SEO). The answer isn't a new website. You can generate more business from your current website with minor tweaks.

Get a professional diagnostic of your most important webpage. You will get actionable insights you can implement immediately to increase the number of leads and sales your website generates.

If you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll refund your money and you can still keep the diagnostic report.

The Webpage Capability Diagnostic Includes Everything Below


Live User Testing For Message Clarity

What registers with your visitors in their first 5 seconds on your webpage? We'll test 50 real people and let you know. This test measures three key metrics.

  • Do visitors know what your webpage is about?
  • Do visitors know what your business does?
  • Can visitors identify your call-to-action?

You will probably be surprised by what registers and what doesn't. More importantly, you will get more leads and sales when you make the changes that help visitors nail all three questions in their first 5 seconds on your webpage.


Eye-Tracking Analysis

You'll get an eye-tracking analysis of your page to discover what people see and don't see in their first five seconds on your website. You'll be surprised by the things visitors look at – and don’t. The eye tracking analysis includes:

  • Attention Heatmap Report - See by hot & cold the parts of your webpage that get the most attention.
  • Opacity Map Report - This map blacks out any region of your webpage that is essentially unseen. What you see is what the visitor sees.
  • Gaze Plot Report - See the typical path of the eye as visitors digest your webpage. You will see dwell points where they spend the most time and attention.
  • Areas of Interest Report - Find out how long your visitors spend looking at key features of your webpage.


The 8 Obstacles to Profitability Report

Your website is either a part of your revenue equation, or just a work of art. It really is that simple. Unfortunately for many businesses, their websites never evolve beyond mere works of art, capturing only brief glances before visitors move on to a competitor’s website.

This report will show 8 obstacles to profitability and how you can avoid them. It also lists 5 underlying assumptions you need to know to transform your website's effectiveness. You may have already downloaded this as a free report, but we're including it again because of its importance in increasing your leads and sales.


8 Obstacles Scorecard For Your Landing Page

Yes, you can score your own webpage on the 8 Obstacles to Profitability. But we do this day-in and day-out. You'll gain the benefit of our experience, as we’ve done this for many websites across different business segments. Also, everyone benefits from an outside perspective, ourselves included. You'll get a perspective on your web page that uncovers issues that insiders miss.


Server Performance & Speed Test

Google research shows that conversion rates drop 15% with a 0.4-second increase in page load time. You may think your website already loads quickly. But are your measuring the cache on your computer or the actual site speed? 

You will get a report that shows how long it takes a first-time visitor to load your webpage. You will also get actionable steps to improve your site speed.


45-Minute Consultation & Formal Report

We will review our findings with you. This includes actions you can take to resolve them. You can pick our brain and start planning for improvement.

You will also get a formal diagnostic report outlining our findings.

If at this point you aren't 100% satisfied, we will refund your money - and you can still keep the diagnostic report.

Craig Andrews - Principal Ally, allies4me

"This is our first step when we're looking for ways to increase conversion rates. You'd be amazed what you can accomplish when you master the fundamentals."

Find out how your website scores on the fundamentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Typically 4-5 business days or less. There is a fair amount of manual work involved, so it depends on what's in the queue. Our goal is to turn this as fast as possible. Like most people, we love instant gratification - so we want you to see the results as fast as possible.

Do you need to install anything on your website?

No. This is totally non-invasive. We can run this analysis on any publicly facing page on your website without any action on your part. Some choose their home page, others choose their sales page or sign-up page. Pick the webpage most important to score, and that’s the one we’ll analyze.

Does it track your web visitors or monitor their behavior?

No. We do a screen capture of the page you want analyzed. All of the analysis is done elsewhere based on an image file. None of your users will be measured, tracked, etc.

What's the significance of 5 seconds?

You’ve probably noticed we talk about "5 seconds" a lot. We run 5-second clarity tests in other testing. The eye-tracking analysis reports on what is seen in 5 seconds. So, why 5 seconds? The human attention span is 8 seconds. It takes many websites about 3 seconds to load - thus leaving 5 seconds. If you can't captivate your visitor in 5 seconds, then you've lost the game. That simple! 

Is the user testing the same as focus group testing?

No. User testing and focus group testing are two different things. Focus group testing is focused on your target customer group. User testing doesn't require people from your target customer base. In fact, you benefit more by making it understandable to everyone - especially those not familiar with your industry. We follow standard and approved methods for user testing. 

Does this work for my type of business?

This works for B2B, B2C, lead generation and ecommerce. Solid fundamentals work across all sectors. 

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