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Where Do Users Struggle on Your Website?

See and hear for yourself with usability testing.

Your website is about task completion. Yes, prospects come to your website on a mission. The harder it is for them to complete that mission, the less likely it is they will become a customer. 

We'll record video and audio of actual users on your website. Then we'll create a highlight reel so you see the key areas for improvement. Then we'll review it together to discuss actions.

If you don't gain actionable insights, we'll refund your money.

Here's What You Get


Key Task Identification

Visitors don't come to you site to admire it. They are there to complete tasks. Some examples are to find and compare products or services, to find location and hours, and to find warranty/guarantee information about your product.

You submit the top 2 tasks you want your visitors to complete. We'll also review your website and create a task list based on what we believe is important to visitors. The target time is 10 to 15 minutes of testing per user and we'll refine the list to hit that timeframe.


User Selection and Testing

You can get back to work once we have your order. We'll recruit users and administer the testing on our end. You don't have to install anything on your website or give any special access. Our users can test any publicly available webpage. Want testing on a logged-in portion of your site? No worries. Just provide temporary login credentials and we'll take it from there.

Your test will consist of the industry standard sample size of 5 users. It is common to confuse usability testing with focus group testing which typically requires more users. You can read more on the FAQ at the bottom of this page.


Analysis, Highlight Reel Creation & Action List

We'll review all of the user videos to identify "sticky points" and other issues on your website. Then we'll make a highlight reel of the users struggling with those issues. This saves you from having to watch over an hour of raw footage while giving you actionable insights. You'll also get a written document with the key insights.


Consultation, Review & Action Meeting

This is your chance to see it with your own eyes and ask questions. First, you'll see a complete test from start to finish. This will help you understand the clips in the highlight reel. Then you'll see the highlight reel that only focuses on the issues. During the review, you'll have interactive Q&A to discuss an action plan to address the issues.

Craig Andrews - Principal Ally, allies4me

"There is nothing more compelling than seeing a user struggle trying to complete a task on your website that you thought was clear. Usability testing gives great insights for quick changes that move the needle."

Have you ever tested your website for usability? Maybe it's time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee you will find actionable insights from this testing. In fact, we often find 2 or 3 actionable insights in the first minute of testing. If this testing doesn't reveal actionable insights, we'll refund your money.

Do you track our users or their activities?

No. There is no tracking code installed on your site as a result of this testing. We only access what the general public has access to. 

Do you have to install anything on your website?

No. We can test any public website. If you want something tested in the logged-in section of the website, just provide temporary credentials and we can test there as well.

What's the difference between usability testing and focus group testing?

Usability testing is focused on how easy it is to do key tasks on your website. In fact, the best insights are often from people who don't know anything about your industry. We do not do focus group testing. Focus group testing involves measuring product acceptance among your target customers.

Why do you test 5 users?

We follow the industry accepted sample size of 5. Testing less than 5 users misses some key insights. We often find new issues with the 4th user that didn't turn up in the first 3 users. You start getting diminishing returns, however, once you go over 5 users. Industry experience shows that beyond 5 is where repetition ends up wasting time and money. 

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