How to Land More Financial Clients

Without buying steak dinners or throwing pizza parties


Few things I hate more than …

… taking 12 feet of barbwire, running it through my nose, tying it in a sheep-shank, lassoing it around the waist of a full-grown mountain gorilla and firing my starter pistol.

It feels like …

… prospecting … yes, I hate prospecting.

How about you?

It’s called “The Game of Numbers.” More numbers in – more AUM. Giddy-up! It’s time to play!

Cold calls …

Door knocking …

Seminars …

Steak dinners and more.

But there’s a monkey on your back, and that monkey’s got a name.


Your monkey is “Time” and she’s a beast

Start your day with some family time …

Time’s up … Prospect till noon.

Next in line … it’s client time.

Now, choke down a meal before seminar time.

Bed time – Sleep time - Do it again.

Grind. Get paid. Then grind some more. You know the game.

It’s “The Game of Numbers.” But, is that the modern way?


Times have changed – enter the age of enchantment

“The Game of Numbers” is Gospel. That's the same. But released in 2010 … a lot’s changed since then.

  • Facebook users more than quadrupled.
  • Land-lines dropped from 75% to 44%.
  • Now, more have cell phones than kept the cord.
  • Smart phone penetration went from 19% to 75%.
  • Total apps in App Store went from 250 thousand to over 2 million.
  • Some of those apps screen-out phone calls – yes, your cold-calls.

How do you play “The Game of Numbers” in this enchanted age of tech?


It’s time to update the game

Sure, you can keep cold-calling, door-knocking and more. Tech’s built apps for that.

But did that really change your day?

Now the internet’s in everyone’s hand. Command the internet to bring “The Numbers” to you.

It’s still “The Game of Numbers.” But, put that tech to work and breathe time into your day.

Maybe you’re different. Maybe you’re a gifted prospector. If so, then stop reading. There’s nothing here for you.


Magnets attract

Yes, magnets attract. And lead magnets pull fresh prospects through the wires of the internet and stand them tall in front of you.

Better yet, they attract people with questions. So you can focus on the ones with needs.

Here’s an example that works at least every two years. Few things make investors more twitchy than an election. You know the truth.

Stay in the market and don’t worry about politics. But they don’t know that. So they twitch and churn. And they yearn.

Offer them an Election Year Investment Report. Dangle it on the internet like a succulent worm on a fishing hook. Exchange that report for their contact info.

Bam! You just got a lead. That’s what we call a lead magnet.

It’s a bad day fishing when the fish aren’t hungry. Powerful lead magnets lure the hungry fish while the satiated fish ignore. Then your time is focused on the best prospects. Speaking of time …

The lead magnets actively work for you while you sleep, golf, eat, vacation, etc ….


Does it work?

Why doesn’t everyone do this if it works so well?

Well … Fish__ Investments does this. Are they novices?

In fact, I can’t logon to Facebook without seeing one of their ads.  It works for them. So, what should you do?

Here’s an example that worked for us.

Q4-2016 we ran an Election Year Investment Report campaign. Even past the election?

Yes, it generated leads for more than 6 months past the election.

This campaign increased engagement 1800% - instantly. It almost tripled leads – instantly.


Even more, it activated almost 1000 “dead contacts” in the data base.

That was Q4-2016, but what happened in 2017?

2107 was the best sales year in 14 years for this 40-year-old firm.

Yes, they survived Black Monday. But they still needed to find ways to grow. It took 14 years to beat their sales record, and they did it with lead magnets.

In summary:

  • Used an Election Year Investment Report as a lead magnet.
  • Promoted it on Facebook and on the website.
  • Emailed the existing contacts.
  • Engagement increased 1800% - instantly.
  • New leads almost tripled - instantly.
  • Promoted the Election report through December 2016.
  • Passively promoted the Election report throughout 2017 on the website.
  • It continued to be a strong lead generator in 2017.
  • 2017 was the best sales year in 14 years for this firm.


Making it work

Of course, it begins with an effective Facebook ad sent to the right audience.

We’ve heard stories about people wasting money on Facebook and getting no results. Yes, we believe those stories. But …

… consider this:

  • You are probably reading this now because of a Facebook ad.
  • You probably read the 673 words in our Facebook ad.
  • At this point, you’ve already read exactly 817 words on this page alone.
  • You've read the equivalent of 5.8 pages in a Word doc ... just on this page!

If Facebook doesn't work, why are you still reading?

The point is …

Facebook works – when you use the platform correctly – but that’s easier said than done.


I’ll show you how

We put together an eBook to show you how to run the Election Year Campaign.

Remember, this campaign works well for the whole 4th quarter …. And even into next year.

Here’s what you get in the eBook:

  • What are lead magnets and how can you use them? – Page 2
  • How to get paid more without working more. – Page 4
  • One client persona that’s a complete waste of your time. - Page 5
  • 9 high net-worth client personas. Which ones are best, and how to identify them. – Page 6
  • How to run the Election Year Investment Report lead magnet campaign. – Page 10
  • A fatal flaw businesses make on Facebook. – Page 11
  • How to setup Facebook audience targeting. – Page 12
  • How to structure the report (the lead magnet). – Page 14
  • How to make an irresistible offer that makes ONLY qualified leads pursue you. – Page 16
  • How to make your leads close themselves.Page 19
  • Details on the components you need to run this campaign. – Page 21


You can do nothing

Yes, you can do nothing and keep prospecting the way you’ve been doing. Sure!

Is it time to update the playbook? To bring “The Game of Numbers” into 2018?

The world is changing. It always does.

The question is – Are you going to ride that change? Or …

Will it overrun you like a downtown express?  


You can do something

Remember, a RIA paid us more than $10,000 per month to update their Game of Numbers. And …

They had their best sales in 14 years. And …

Guess what. They’re not alone. Change is here … today.

We packaged what we learned into this eBook. It includes a proven blueprint for running a lead magnet campaign.

Get the eBook for $5.95.

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FAQ #1: Does this really work?

Yes. We ran this exact campaign for a RIA in Q4-2016. Website form completions skyrocketed 1800% -instantly. New leads almost tripled – instantly. Then we continued with similar campaigns. And 2017 became their best sales year in 14 years.

FAQ #2: Why not charge more?

By charging less than a deli sandwich, we can spread this concept faster. It’s our mission to help businesses transform their marketing. This tells them how. And a few who read this eBook will call us and ask us to help them.

FAQ #3: I tried Facebook ads and they didn’t work. Why is this different?

You are not alone. We see that all the time. The problem is people take ads that work on other platforms and run them on Facebook without any changes. That’s like running a radio ad on TV and hoping for the same results. Facebook is a unique platform and your ads need to think about the unique context. Facebook is where people go to read stories about people. If you’re ads aren’t stories about people, they probably don’t perform well.

FAQ #4: What about Google Ads?

Google ads can be very effective. But Google tends to be more expensive than Facebook. You also need to be careful with your keyword selection. It’s a big difference between Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. Get that right, you can do well on that platform also. But if it sounds like mumbo-jumbo, you should pass on Google Ads.

FAQ #5: I’m busy. Can you just run this for me?

Sure. Click the button below to sign-up. You may want to get the eBook anyway. It will tell you exactly what’ we’ll do for you. But, yes, we’d be happy to. Let us know you’re interested and we’ll setup a time to talk.

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Let’s do the math

What are your cold-call numbers?

  • 250 calls
  • To yield 20 connections
  • To yield 1 appointment?

How about door knocking?

  • 50 doors knocked
  • 25 never answered the door
  • 15 door-slams
  • 10 polite people
  • To yield 1 contact?

Or seminars?

  • $2000 to run a seminar
  • To yield a bunch of tire-kickers
  • And maybe 1 opportunity?

BTW: Do you know that most of the folks that attend seminars only represent 15% of high net-worth investors? They come from 3 of the 9 high net-worth personas.

Learn about the other 85% of opportunities in the eBook.

Did you know a single high net-worth persona represents 34% of the market? And they don’t attend seminars? Learn about them in the eBook.


But the clock is ticking …

Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis and miss this opportunity. The sooner you start running this campaign, the more you get from it.

We know – we ran this exact campaign 2 years ago.


Get the eBook for $5.95

How to Land Qualified Clients Without Buying Steak Dinners or Throwing Pizza Parties

eBook highlights:

  • 9 personas of high net-worth investors, and their unique needs
  • 1 persona that’s a complete waste of time
  • 1 fatal flaw business make on Facebook
  • How to run a lead magnet campaign
  • How to make an irresistible offer that resonates with qualified clients

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“allies4me contributed to AFAM Capital’s best sales year in 14 years” – Eric Hare, President, AFAM Capital

NOTE: Yes, this had to go through compliance. Can you tell?


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