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Craig Andrews

Craig Andrews is a U.S. Marine, turned electrical engineer and mobile phone designer, turned marketer and multi best-selling author. He's driven over a half-billion dollars in revenue during his career. In 2009, Craig launched his own company which became allies4me.

In August, 2021, Craig began three months in the hospital and six weeks in a coma when he nearly died. During that time, Craig's team ran allies4me without him. Now Craig shares lessons from the ledge of death and how they apply to both marketing and life.

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Speaking Topics

How to Engineer the Ideal Sales Conversation

Use a Customer Value Journey like the stages of courtship. Add value at each and every stage. A First-Time Offer (FTO) is like a coffee date. It’s a low-commitment and low-risk way to test the relationship. When you do this well, your prospect starts asking you to “close the deal” (much like my wife asked me).

Your audience will gain insights they can start using immediately.

How Opinion Surveys and Focus Groups Are Hurting Your Business

Focus groups and opinion surveys feel good and responsible. But they’re packed full of pitfalls. We’ll show how the best TV commercial in history almost never made it past the focus group. And how another company scrapped $30 million of inventory when 200,000 opinion surveys told them the wrong answer.

More importantly, we’ll show you how to avoid these same pitfalls.

Take Control of Your Future with Predictive and Actionable Dashboards

Would you rather have vanity metrics or no metrics? Both are uniquely bad for their own reasons. We’ll show you how to build meaningful metrics to help you run your business. These metrics track the entire customer journey. For businesses with longer sales cycles, these metrics are essential to pinpoint and correct revenue or capacity problems before they happen. The tools in the presentation will be Google Analytics 4, HubSpot, and DataBox. But it doesn’t matter if you use different tools. We’ll focus on principles that you can apply using your own unique tech stack. We believe that your business should be boringly predictable. And we’ll show you how to get there.


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